CoolBreeze cooling / heating module

CoolBreeze cooling / heating module

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CoolBreeze cooling / heating module
Constant inflow of fresh air within temperature range of 15 - 19 ºC (60 - 66 ºF)
Exhaust air inlet 25 ºC (77 ºF) and 65% rH
Conventional evaporator cooling
50% lower energy consumption of Futura+CoolBreeze set compared to systems with conventional air supply cooling
Multiplication of the cooling efficiency (COP) thanks to adiabatic cooling in a controlled enthalpy exchanger
Reverse mode of the heat pump allows for additional heating capacity during cold weather
During hot weather (30 - 38 ºC / 86 - 100 ºF) the absolute humidity of the incoming air is reduced by a half.
What is CoolBreeze

What is CoolBreeze

The CoolBreeze module consists of a heat pump with the exchanger located in the ventilation system. It provides heating or cooling of freshly supplied air.

During summer heat, CoolBreeze in conjunction with the Jablotron Futura heat recovery unit will provide you with:

1. significant cooling and reduction of humidity of the supplied fresh air, resulting in zero heat gain through ventilation to keep your interior comfortably cool

2. very low energy consumption of the module when compared to the significant cooling and dehumidification effect of the supplied fresh air

Our technically unique solution uses a combination of (I) conventional evaporator cooling and (II) adiabatic cooling by condensate evaporation in the controlled enthalpy exchanger. Therefore, our Futura and CoolBreeze set achieves the same performance as conventional cooling devices, but with about half the size of the outdoor unit = smaller, quieter and cheaper.

Our data shows that CoolBreeze can completely replace the need for air conditioning in low-energy houses.

In reverse mode, CoolBreeze can cover 50-70 % of the heat demand of a low-energy house. It is therefore very efficient way of heating, especially in combination with additional electric radiant heating (hot water or direct heating).

Cooling is a part of Jablotron’s System 21

If you are in the process of building your house, you are likely thinking about how to keep it comfortable even during summer heat.

You may have realized that in hot weather the insulation of the house will gradually accumulate and retain the heat.

You may also have decided to slow down the warming of your house by shading the windows with blinds or a roof overhang.

This does not have to be sufficient though and your house may still get uncomfortably hot in summer either by natural gains from indoor activities (eg. cooking) or through ventilation letting in the fresh but hot air.

That is why we have designed the set of Futura ventilation unit along with an enthalpy cooling device CoolBreeze, which are a part of System 21.

Unique cooling technology by Jablotron – for everyone

The set of Futura heat recovery unit and the CoolBreeze cooling module boasts a unique technological solution that makes it stand out from other products on the market. Need an example? Here’s one: The CoolBreeze does not cool the incoming fresh air, it actually cools the exhaust air!

Even the most experienced HVAC professionals have their reservations at first, but that is only until they find out in detail about the principles of operation of the controlled enthalpy exchanger in cooling mode.

All Jablotron devices are connected to a proprietary industrial-grade cloud system that monitors key operational data in real time. The data from real customers provides indisputable evidence for anyone who doubts effectiveness of this technology. That is why more and more experts are recognizing the unique functionality of the Futura and CoolBreeze set.

Though very effective when used properly, CoolBreeze is not designed to be used in any house without taking all of the parameters of the house into consideration. A combination of insufficient insulation, above-standard window areas and the absence of shading lead to excessive heat gains, that will hinder the effectiveness of CoolBreeze module.

However, in the vast majority of low-energy family houses, the use CoolBreeze module will be possible and desirable, thanks to

  • Perfect insulation and thus minimal heat gains through walls, roof and windows
  • High-quality architectural design with shading of south-facing window areas
  • Unbeatable value for money – cooling as part of the standard package

The most enjoyable cooling is the one you do not even notice

Dozens of our installations confirm that Futura and CoolBreeze always exceed our customers’ expectations.

The customers do not require extreme cooling and use common sense when it comes to cooling. They understand that the indoor temperature will be slightly higher in summer than in winter.

CoolBreeze performance might not seem dazzling at first glance. In reality, however, it wins by continuous operation all day because it does not disturb the user in any way. Customers prefer mild continuous cooling over aggressive bout of air conditioning.

Customers can feel the difference caused by the humidity reduction in the supplied air (up to 50% of the absolute water content). This reduction in humidity makes the air feel another 2-3 degrees cooler than what is the actual temperature.

CoolBreeze performance naturally adapts to outdoor conditions. The higher outside temperature, the greater effect of the adiabatic component (condensate evaporation cooling) will be.


CoolBreeze module is an optional accessory of the Jablotron Futura ventilation unit. Technical specification of the module is therefore an integral part of the Futura documentation.