E-ink is soothing to my eyes

I can see all the information perfectly just as printed on a paper.
Unique e-ink technology offers high contrast and great visibility even in direct sunlight

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Integrated sensors monitor comfort at my home

Up to 8 Alfa wall mounted control panels in one installation.
Each with a temperature, humidity and CO2 sensor

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The dial button lets me change settings easily and intuitively

All the functions are quickly accessible by rotating and clicking the dial.
Clean screen with no fingerprints

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I appreciate timeless design of the accessories in my house

Sleek design of the Alfa control panel perfectly fits contemporary interiors

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I know immediately that the system needs my attention

The color indication catches my eye at first glance

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I can easily add Alfa in retrofit installation

Two-wire bus for simultaneous power supply and data communication simplifies installation

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Thanks to Jablotron, I have the entire system under direct supervision

Jablotron Alfa integrates ventilation, cooling and heating control

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