Jablotron Futura with CoolBreeze can replace your home’s air condition – real life examples

Published 15. 04. 2020

Reading time 3 minutes

Example 1: Quality insulation and shading is not enough to ensure all-year-round comfort.
The customer purchased a relatively new house, which was built without any ventilation, air condition or preparation for the aforementioned. First, ventilation system was installed. CoolBreeze was installed later, in the middle of summer 2019. The house size is approximately 140 m2 (1500 sq ft).

Note: Our sensors record values within minutes. For clarity reasons, we have smoothed the data to one-hour intervals.

The first figure shows temperatures before installation of CoolBreeze. All data comes from sensors inside Futura, that means the temperatures shown are averages for the entire house. We can see indoor temperature fluctuations (T Indoor – red line), when the indoor temperature rises to 28-29 °C / 82-84 °F) around noon (12:00 on the X-axis). The temperature of outdoor air (T ambient – green line) during that time is 32-33 °C / 90 °F.

The conclusion is that the temperature inside the house approximates the outside temperature even with roof overhang and appropriate shading.

We can also see that night temperature does not drop below 25 °C / 77 °F although Futura’s summer bypass supplies fresh, cool air at nearly 15 °C / 60 °F (T Fresh – blue line).


As we can see in Fig. 2, indoor conditions have significantly improved after installation of CoolBreeze. Even if the outside temperature reaches 29°C (84°F) or higher, CoolBreeze maintains indoor temperature at approximately stable 24 °C (75°F). Blue curve (T Fresh) represents temperature of air supplied by Futura with CoolBreeze. The blue and green curve overlap means CoolBreeze is off, because the customer does not need it.

Customer’s evaluation: Jablotron Futura + CoolBreeze = Great!


Example 2: Stable temperature during extreme heat in a city
The customer owns an apartment in the wider center of Prague built in a very high-quality energy-efficient standard, located on the top floor. Size of the apartment is 110 m2 (1 180 sq ft) and Futura with CoolBreeze is the only source of cooling.

Color scheme is the same as in previous figure. The graph shows extreme temperatures of the outside air (T ambient, up to 40 °C / 104 °F), temperature of the supplied fresh air of 11-12 °C / 52-54 °F and most of all, a stable indoor temperature of 24 °C / 75 °F maintained solely by CoolBreeze. The indoor temperature is again from inside of Futura = an average of all rooms. We can see a mild rise in temperature during night, when CoolBreeze is off.