Futura heat recovery unit
Consumption Unrivaled lowest consumption even in frosty weather
Comfort Real indoor comfort without excessive drying
Control Stand-alone operation and easy control
Futura heat recovery unit
Clogging monitoring Real-time monitoring of filter clogging
Colour indication Colour indication of unit status
Generous equipment Generous standard equipment
Futura heat recovery unit
Simple installation Simple installation and wall mounting of the unit
Filter replacement Easy filter replacement
Compatibility Compatibility with other Jablotron products
Futura heat recovery unit
Uniform material Body made of a uniform material without thermal bridges
Automatic cleaning Automatic cleaning of the heat recovery exchanger

New energy recovery unit Futura

The lungs of your home Scroll

Heat and moisture recovery

As the air-tightness of homes continues to improve the risk of excessive moisture levels and reduced indoor air quality rises. This excessive humidity, which is caused by insufficient ventilation, can have a negative impact on the thermal envelope of the building, resulting in moisture damage that jeopardizes the health and vitality of both the structure and its occupants. Controlled ventilation with heat recovery presents an optimum solution.

A heat recovery unit ensures efficient ventilation of your new home; a new building cannot meet comfort and energy goals with natural ventilation alone. Controlled ventilation with heat recovery is the continuous replacement of stale interior air with fresh and filtered air from the outside. In the winter, fresh supply air is warmed by the stale exhaust air as air streams pass through the Futura, resulting in thermally optimized air that has been filtered of dust, pollen and allergens thanks to the included F7 filter.

Your home can be ventilated fully with the windows closed. Naturally you can open them whenever you wish to, but in seasons when it is desirable to keep thermal energy inside the house your family can still enjoy fresh air thanks to the continuous air exchange. The ventilation volume of the Futura heat recovery unit is automatically adapted to meet the requirements for optimum indoor air quality based on information from CO2 sensors. The analogy to lungs has not been chosen randomly; the heat recovery unit represents the lungs of your home and it works in the same way — it ensures air exchange in a natural and automatic manner.


Unrivaled lowest consumption even in frosty weather

Futura can especially show its best in winter, i.e. in the period when heat recovery is needed most by minimizing the energy consumption. Thanks to its unique design, which perfectly utilizes the laws of physics, the unit works without the otherwise required preheating and without an imbalance of fans, even during strong frosts.

Futura heat recovery unit

Real indoor comfort without excessive drying

Futura will automatically maintain the optimum humidity in your house by means of a controlled enthalpy exchanger. Optimum humidity is important mainly for your health, but it will also be appreciated by your wooden furniture, floors and plants.

Stand-alone operation

Futura is smart and will request maintenance or the replacement of clogged filters by itself. It is equipped with the function of the automatic cleaning of the heat recovery exchanger, which maintains the unit in a perfect technical condition and facilitates routine maintenance. A CO2 sensor is part of the standard equipment and continuously adapts the ventilation power to your requirements for the desired quality of the indoor environment.

Generous standard equipment

For the basic price, Futura offers top-quality equipment, including a five-year guarantee, F7 pollen filter, a CO2 sensor in the wall-mounted control, additional heating and complete management of the unit through the mobile application. The unit can be expanded with more functions - up to 3 wall-mounted controls, 8 CO2 sensors and supplementary cooling can be connected.

Easy control

The unit can be controlled with a wall-mounted control with a simple dial or conveniently from anywhere via the MyJABLOTRON mobile application, which additionally informs you about the operation and consumption of your heat recovery unit.


The primary function of the CoolBreeze enthalpy cooling module is to ensure the complete elimination of any airing-induced heat gains in the summer. The module is specifically designed and intended for passive-standard homes with their envelopes perfectly heat insulated and solar gains minimised on hot summer days.

Zone ventilation

Available in 2020.

Ventilation is directed where and when it is truly needed. Thanks to the zone control Futura is able to provide required ventilation intensity with less nominal air volume. The heat recovery unit operates for a longer time at minimum air volume, therfore maintaining its parameters, such as efficiency, total power consumption and noise at optimized level for most of the working time.

Technical specifications

Air flow
100 - 350 m3/h
Specific energy consumption (SEC) in kWh/(m2.a) for every applicable climatic zone and each applicable SEC class
Heat recovery system type
enthalpy countercurrent with controlled humidity recovery
Heat recovery efficiency
91,4 %*
Acoustic power level
46 dBa*
Reference flow
245 m3/h**
Electric power input of the fan, incl. the motor control equipment at max. flow
320 W
Max. power input
700 W
Reference pressure difference
50 Pa**
0,33 W/(m3/h)**
Dimensions (h x w x d)
835 x 995 x 522 mm
47,5 kg
Condensate drain with a HT 32 mm drain pipe, siphon
Electric connection
230 V/50 Hz, 10 A; connection to the electric mains via a socket
Operating range without preheating
-19 ºC to +45 ºC
User interface
wall mounted controller with integrated CO2 sensor, mobile application MyJABLOTRON
Performance of the whole assembly including recuperation by heat exchanger - cooling/heating
1,7 kW - 4,4 kW / 4,9 kW***
Annual electricity consumption (AEC) (in kWh/m2 of electric power/year) ("average", "hot", "cold") at reference flow
2,20 / 1,75 / 7,57
Annual heat savings (AHS) (in kWh/m2 of primary energy/year) for individual climate types ("average", "hot", "cold") at reference flow
47 / 92 / 21
* According to ČSN EN 308
** According to Commission Regulation (EU) No 1253/2014
*** The cooling power is variable depending on the relative humidity and the temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor environments.
*** The heating output is variable depending on the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor environments.


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