Superactive Futura + CoolBreeze heat recovery delivers even more heating power and heavenly comfort

Published 17. 05. 2023

JABLOTRON LIVING TECHNOLOGY continues to improve its ventilation system with heat and moisture recovery.

What does our home ventilation technology bring you?

  • Fresh air for healthier living
  • Energy savings through heat recovery
  • A more comfortable climate thanks to moisture recovery
  • Unique VarioBreeze™ room-by-room ventilation control
  • Integrated CoolBreeze heat pump for cooling and heating

In the latest version of the control program, we have substantially improved the heating control of the Futura and CoolBreeze package.

CoolBreeze will keep you warm!

Two PID controllers, one for the air quantity and one for the heating power of the heat pump, control the output in heating mode. The heating has an integrated early start, where if the temperature drops, CoolBreeze starts heating a even before the measured temperature drops below the set room temperature. The aim is to prevent the temperature from oscillating below the comfort zone.

The innovative control system automatically engages air circulation. We call this revolutionary function shortcut. When the shortcut is activated, the ventilation unit still brings in fresh air from outside, but a lower amount. The unit increases the total air output by filtering and circulating some of the air from inside the house. Here we take advantage of the fact that, unlike some competitors, our heat recovery units have the highest used ePM1 55% (F7) filtration class as standard on the indoor air inlet.

Please note: Turning on the shortcut is never at the expense of indoor air quality. The fresh air ratio is proportionally adjustable and constantly changing to ensure absolutely superior indoor air quality. The system always monitors the measured CO2 level and if this rises, the fresh air ratio rises to a full 100%, at which point the shortcut is effectively deactivated. Similarly, the shortcut will shut down when boost ventilation is activated, i.e. when cooking or bathroom use is presumed. It takes just half a second to switch off the shortcut.

By the way, did you know that the same principle is used in airplanes? To save energy, only part of the air is brought into the cabin from outside and the rest is taken directly from the cabin, filtered and returned.

The result is immediately noticeable. The Futura and CoolBreeze combination can heat even more efficiently, as we have verified in our laboratory and in the reference house. The supply air temperature is 3-5 degrees higher. We will publish design documents with performance curves using shortcut in the near future.

The real bonus of the shortcut function is even better indoor humidity retention. Relative humidity in the reference house has increased in the order of 7-10 percentage points.

In a house with adequate thermal insulation parameters, you can then confidently use the Futura + CoolBreeze package as the main heating source, supplemented by a bivalent electric heating source.

System 21 from the Living Technology division will always provide you with absolute comfort.

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