Regular maintenance will support long life of the Futura ventilation unit

Published 03. 05. 2023

We say that the Jablotron Futura heat recovery unit is the lungs of your home. It provides you with a constant supply of fresh air into your home, while making efficient use of heat and reducing energy costs. In order for the ventilation unit to reach its full potential in the long term, it needs regular maintenance.

You have nothing to worry about. We have designed the Futura unit to make maintenance and servicing very simple. Our trained installation partners have the knowledge and experience to thoroughly inspect and clean the unit as needed.

In this article, we focus on the importance of regular servicing. We show you how easy and quick it is to ensure long unit life and healthy indoor environment.

How often and how much does it cost

The most important part of maintenance is changing the filters, which you perform yourself according to the indication by the unit.

On the other hand, the regular service inspection has a precise interval — once a year. We also recommend that you take advantage of the option of having your installation partner supply you with an annual set of filters at the same time, the number of which may vary depending on the location where you live.

The price of the inspection is set by the installation partner. Our recommended indicative price is in the range of 1.500-2.000,- CZK without VAT, depending among other things on the distance of the partner from your home. The price of the service inspection does not include the price for the delivery of filters.

What is included

1. Cleaning of the filter compartment

The filter chambers are not hermetically sealed. Even when the filters are changed regularly and at the moment of changing, a very small amount of dirt can get behind the filters, which is perfectly normal. Therefore, it is necessary to clean this space once a year to get rid of the settling dirt.

2. Removing the service inserts, checking the condition of the heat exchanger

The unit is equipped with an automatic cleaning function of the heat exchanger, which keeps the heat exchanger in excellent condition and simplifies regular maintenance. In particular, there is no need to wash or rinse the exchanger itself. The installation partner carries out a visual inspection of the exchanger and cleans any dirt as necessary, in particular the paths of the moving sliding doors and the inlet openings of the exchanger.

Pic. n. 1: Heat exchanger

Pic. n. 1: Heat exchanger


3. Inspection of the fans

4. Inspection of the wiring

Tightening the connections on the power supply board, checking the contacts and checking the connection of the peripherals.

5. Checking the condensate drain and cleaning of any dirt

6. Checking the distribution system, 

in particular, full opening of all end valves in the rooms and condition of facade boxes.

7. Optional — replacement of filters according to their clogging 

You will see the signal for changing filters on the unit, on the controller and in the MyJABLOTRON mobile app. The lifetime of the filters is determined by the level of dust in the environment where you live. Generally, you can expect to replace the filters once every 2-6 months.

8. Checking and possibly changing the air volume settings on the unit and in individual rooms

According to the customer’s wishes. Beware: it is necessary to change the settings with new filters.

Pic. n. 3: Replacement of filters

Pic. n. 4: Replacement of filters


With regular annual servicing, you can be sure that your unit will operate perfectly with minimal risk of breakdowns. As an added bonus, you will receive an extended warranty of five years if you comply with the regular service, according to our warranty conditions.