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Our products are characterised not only by their modern design, but also by their unique properties and user-friendly features that respond to actual needs of our clients.

We are currently preparing a number of new products resulting from the expansion of our indoor climate technology portfolio for residential homes. The condensing gas and electric boiler as well as the CoolBreeze cooling module, whose primary function is to eliminate airing-induced heat gains, stand out among the latest additions.

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Recuperation unit

A recuperation unit that acts as the lungs of your home. The unit ensures your low-energy or passive home is naturally ventilated and you always breathe fresh and clean air.

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Enthalpy cooling module

The primary function of the CoolBreeze enthalpy cooling module is to ensure the complete elimination of any airing-induced heat gains in the summer. The module is specifically designed and intended for passive-standard homes with their envelopes perfectly heat insulated and solar gains minimised on hot summer days.


Gas boiler

A Czech-made condensing gas boiler, Aura provides the top-notch heating comfort level with standard equipment. The new control algorithms will automatically adapt to your home thus eliminating the undesirable overheating or cooling. Wall-mounted controller and extended 5-year warranty included in the basic price.


Electric boiler

Volta and other new products will be presented in autumn at the 29th International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH.

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Our vision is to achieve and maintain our long-term position as a leader in technical indoor climate equipment in the Czech Republic and Europe.

As we care for the environment we live in and for the quality of the air we breathe, we develop cutting-edge technologies for healthier and more comfortable home environments. Our goal is clear: to create a comfortable, healthy and pleasant climate inside our homes, regardless of the season of the year outside.

We want to systematically improve the environment in which people spend most of their time, i.e., indoors, while reducing primary energy consumption.